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Audax: the stats

After 10 weeks of audax in Denton, here's a summary of what we've done so far.

Our record of success is 7/10

703 audax kilometers (308 missed kilometers)

After more than 31 hours of audax, we are +16 minutes off our planned total time. That's less than 3 minutes per audax

Our average speed has been 22.3kph

This has been a team effort from the beginning. These first 10 audax attempts were run with a total of 13 different riders, rostering at least 4 starters and 3 finishers each week. The Denton Audax Turkeys encourage you to join us at 8:30, Sundays at Shift Coffee, for 100km of group cycle touring.

Gobble, gobble!

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