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Trade-in Program

Trade Your Bike in Today!

We have partnered with to offer the best trade-in program available in North Texas. If you have been wanting to upgrade your road bike to the newest features and technology, now is the time! Mountain bikers, ditch the 26” wheels and experience the fun and performance of big wheels. Upgrade from aluminum to carbon. Whatever you might be dreaming of now, this program will hopefully allow those dreams to come true.

Ready to get started?



Some things to mention:

In order to ensure the maximum offer for your bicycle it should arrive to us clean, functioning, and in sellable condition. If your bicycle requires service and/or parts, they will deduct from your trade-in value. To do our part to fight bike theft and for your security, we will require the following to process a trade in:

  1. A valid driver's license or passport.

  2. Serial number on the bike that has not been defaced or destroyed.

  3. A signed statement that the bicycle is yours to sell (provided).


Some other fine print:

Before you load up your bikes into the car, please consider the following:

  • For bikes that do not exist in our database, an ad hoc good faith valuation will be made.

  • valuations assume all stock-componentry. Any upgrades/downgrades from the original specification will be taken into account when an offer is generated (in store).

  • Many department store, or "big box store" bikes (Huffy, Magna, Next, Kent, etc.) will not be listed in the app but may still be accepted at the manager's discretion.

  • Trade in value can be used immediately or applied as a gift certificate to be saved for later.

  • If your bicycle is Di2 or EPS equipped - be sure to include your charger.

  • Sorry, no tandems or recumbant bicycles.




Denton Bicycle Center
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