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About Us

Denton Bicycle Center opened on June 21, 1971. Our first store, still at 1700 N. Elm, was in an old house that had been converted to a Simca auto dealer and later to a store that rented trucks, floor polishers, and tools. The majority of bicycle sales in the U.S. were plain gauge steel frames with nutted steel wheels. On occasion, we would get a call for a “lugged” frame from Europe with aluminum wheels and quick release hubs. Very few bicycles or components were imported from Asia. Bicycles were heavy and component parts were unreliable, except for a few high-end bicycles from England, France, or Italy.


During the first “Arab oil embargo,” bicycles were seen as the answer for long gas lines and a great idea for fun and exercise. Consumers became more sophisticated and demanded better and better bicycles. At Denton Bicycle Center, we saw our niche in the market as providing an alternative to poor quality department store bicycles as well as “fly by night” bicycle retailers that wanted to make a quick buck on the increasing demand. Over the years, no matter what the style, Denton Bicycle Center has been steadfast with high quality service, the best in bicycles, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. In 1979, Denton Bicycle bought the soda fountain that was next door, and built across the two property lines the building that we occupy today. The new building was proof that Denton Bicycle Center was going to be a long-term contributor to the Denton business landscape. In August of 2010, we gave our building a face-lift. Everything needs some refreshing every 29 years or so.


Denton Bicycle Center is now working with customers

that were trading with us back in the 1970s. We’re selling bicycles to those customer’s grandchildren. We’re over 50 years old, and young as ever. After all, bicycles are still as much fun as they were back in 1971. Stop in and visit!

Denton Bicycle Center
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