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Meet our Mechanics: Scott

How long have you lived in Denton?

Only a year and a half, I moved to Denton in August 2015.

How many bikes do you own?

Three bikes, a couple of single speed bikes and a mountain bike that hasn’t been ridden in a few years.

Do you have a favorite tool?

I have a 15mm wrench that I like a lot at home, the weight and size are perfect in my hands. 

What is your preferred tire size to fix a flat on?

700 x 25…

What is your favorite kind of riding?

I just ride on the road.

Do you have any pre-ride/race rituals or superstitions?

I’m not a superstitious person. Checking tire pressure and having an idea about the weather forecast are the best things you can do before riding.

Is there any cycling gear you refuse to ride without?

It mostly depends on where I am going and for how long, but mostly making sure I have a spare tube, lights, and a water bottle.

Bike lanes or sharrows?

Sharrows, for sure, if more drivers encounter bicycles on a regular basis on their commute the more they will react in a positive manner. I think it helps prevent divers from becoming entitled and feeling like the road belongs to just motor vehicles. The Denton community treats bike traffic really friendly compared to previously

How many lumens is your headlight?

350, bright enough to be seen while being able to see the road in front of me at night.

Do you have any other interesting facts to share about yourself?

My jobs keep me indoors most of the time, but when I’m not working I love just being outside. Some of my favorite outdoor activities is playing disc golf, camping, trail running and of course riding my bike.

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