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The Martial Cyclist Game

Keep track of your riding with three different stats: points, bonuses, and gold stars.

Compete against yourself and others by recording your stats and moving through the ranks.

You get one point for each of the following*:

- 1 full hour in the saddle

- A day of bicycle commuting to work / school

- Grocery shopping by bike

- 30 minutes on the indoor trainer or rollers

Score points to move through the ranks and gain expertise**

1. The Debutant - take as much time as you need, just get 30 points!

2. The Student - once you score 10 points in a week, you're ready to study yourself, your riding, and your bicycle

3. Cycle Operator - you've really earned your stripes once you get 100 points in a month

4. Martial Cyclist - anyone getting 500 points in a year is more than just riding a bicycle; she's killing it out there!***

Accumulate bonuses while you’re moving through the ranks•. Here are some examples, but you will need to make up your own for extreme factors you encounter when riding.

-Riding at night, in the rain, in the hot or cold (above 95 or below 45 degrees) or in the wind

-With a backpack, trailer, panniers, etc.

-Either by yourself or with more than a handful of others

-In a race, rally, or time trial

-On a tall-bike, tandem, tricycle, etc.

Finally, in addition to earning points and accumulating bonuses, you can also keep track of gold stars, which you award yourself for personal obstacles/milestones you’ve overcome in your riding. These can be personal firsts, facing fears, accomplishing goals, or anything you’ve overcome either with or because of your bicycle.••

*it is possible to get more than one point on a single ride

**you have to start at zero every time you move up a rank

***you don't have to start as a debutant next year, but you do have to start at 0

•bonuses never reset; like a proficiency level, you can compare your bonuses to riders of any rank

••because you award gold stars to yourself, you also decide when they reset

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