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Audax No. 9: We still have a lot to learn

We did No. 9 within our predetermined time limit, but only by 4 minutes... We started with 5 and finished 5.  And that's good. But I'm glad to say, we still have a lot to learn about riding audax.

Here are some things I think we learned this week:

You develop effective routines in order to rely on them when you're in difficulty. This includes eating and drinking, pre and post ride. 

Climbing on an audax, especially on steep grades, can sometimes take more power than going faster.

We are all susceptible to bouts of pride or vomiting.

Everyone should feel comfortable asking for the pace to be slowed down. This shouldn't just be the job of the road captain.

Every rider needs to be confident leading, directing, and communicating en peloton.

Communication, before problems are serious, can help prevent group disorganization in the last hour. 

When someone needs help, we all help, and when you need help, you have to allow yourself to be helped.

Boy howdy are there more lessons to learn. And I'm amazed every week at how many new problems, situations, and opportunities we all find ourselves in when riding audax. I'm consistently surprised by what reveals itself as challenging and the ways in which our perseverance makes itself known. Looking forward to No. 10 and our 1000th audax kilometer! 

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