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A failure we can be proud of

After missing No. 5's goals due to lack of participation, we just failed a second audax, but it wasn't in a bad or loathsome way. 

After just over 101 kilometers, and more than 5 hours, 6 of us arrived back at the Denton square less than 3 minutes down on our minimum average speed. 

After starting with 8 and picking up one more right away, and after 3 voluntary abandons en route, we finished with 6 riders on 5 bicycles in 308 minutes, with an average speed of 19.8 kph.

After weeks of audax, two of us had never been on an audax before, and we rode a tandem for the first time on a 100 km ride!

After 2 fails in a row, I think we all feel pretty good about things. Basketball players can't walk off the court in the middle of a game just because they know they're going to lose. We left together. We returned together. We were resilient, and we persevered. We accomplished everything we wanted except the 20 kph average speed, but we're all looking for ways to make it happen next Sunday. 

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