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Sub 24 Hour Overnighter (s24o)

Part of riding longer distances is riding at night; part of riding even longer is sleeping during a ride. This isn't exactly camping, but it is definitely the outer limit of cycling. I've definitely failed at long rides because I wasn't prepared to sleep during the hottest or darkest time of the day. I've also cut adventures short because I "needed" to get home. Essentially, when you're on long bike rides, you have to be ready to sleep when you need to sleep. But this takes practice that is difficult to recreate. Or is it ? This is what I aim to figure out: how difficult would it be to have a regular overnight practice session ? 

Enter the s24o.

I am trying once a week to spend a night out on my bike. I won't always sleep overnight, but I will leave one day and get back the next. But as the name implies they will be less than 24 hours altogether. These are concise mini-tours that include a lot of features from longer bike tours without the time investment. I'm training, but you don't have to since this is in essence just an excuse to ride farther for longer and sleep under the stars.

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