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What is audax? Part 1

This blog is part of a series explaining a rarely practiced cycling discipline: audax. We all know road cycling and mountain biking. We know cyclocross, bike touring, and bike commuting. Well now we have a weekly Audax ride that leaves from Shift Coffee on Sundays at 8:30AM. Come join us!

First and foremost, audax is an exercise of regularity, solidarity, and endurance. The motto "leave together, return together" is as much of a part of the sport as the distance. Think of a no-drop ride ridden as if the weakest rider is in danger of being eliminated from the Tour de France and is surrounded by nothing but teammates trying to get him in by the time cut. 

Basically, this is not a group ride. It's a team time trial. You ride the whole time in a neat and orderly peloton, rolling at a very steady pace. The thing is there's also a minimum time, meaning you can't just go fast to reduce the total duration of the ride. Audax rides aim to complete an average of 22.5kph, with a maximum average of 25kph and a minimum of 20kph. 

It's all about itineraries, time checks, scheduled stops, unscheduled stops, and again regularity, solidarity, and endurance. Curious yet? Thought so!

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