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We're showing the Tour de France at the shop, and this is why you should watch too

Let's not talk as cyclists or non-cyclists. Let's take a moment and just be spectators. And as spectators, there's nothing quite as contagious as the Tour de France. La grande boucle is 3 weeks of stage after stage that add up to a race like nothing else. 

The whole thing is filmed by cameramen hanging off the back of motorcycles, whizzing through the tiny back roads of France. Either that or by helicopters presenting some of the most incredibly picturesque landscapes in the world. Chateaux, paysage, France. 

The great thing is that you don't just need to be interested in the sport to be enthralled with the event. It is quite the international happening. Think of it as part "slow TV" like in Norway and part athletic procession and touring circus. It's like if NASCAR was propaganda for French tourism; that would be so much more captivating, and beautiful. And it is beautiful. 

Basically, watch. If it's your first time, maybe you won't know what's going on, but that's ok. Your personal knowledge of the Tour emerges from years of just staring at French paysages, simply that. We can talk sports any time. July is the time for being enthralled. Let's get caught up in the Tour de France. Lets catch the fever. 

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