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On Fridays we have a social ride that leaves from our shop at 7. It is an any-skill-level, all-bikes, everyone-welcome kind of a ride. But I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if we learned something every week in addition to going on a ride around town. 

Cycling can be nuanced, and it would be so cool to discuss these little details with other people. The problem is usually that there are so many aspects of riding that the discussion can quickly get too big too fast, excluding people who are interested in really exploring one new thing in particular, leaving them to do all this exploring alone. Let's do it together! 

Here are some things we might be learning together on a Friday social ride:

-Bike ride lingo

-Hand signals

-Turning with confidence

-Using your gears 

-How to brake

-Planning routes

-Riding in a group

And a whole lot more

If you have any ideas, share them with us (preferably in person on a ride!)

Can't wait to see you out there on Fridays at 7!!

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