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Meet our Mechanics: Joe

How long have you lived in Denton?

Just about my entire life. I was born at the old Flow hospital and live in "idiot's hill" here in Denton.

How many bikes do you own?

Three that work, about eight that don't

Do you have a favorite tool?

I use a wrench force cassette lockring tool that I haven't seen or found anywhere else. I don't use it everyday but I prefer it to newer cassette tools.

What is your preferred tire size to fix a flat on?

Any larger size wheel. Small wheels don't always allow for leverage and are usually made of steel, which doesn't hold a tire as well as alloy.

What is your favorite kind of riding?

Road riding. Trail riding is a close second only because it's not as easily accessible.

Do you have any pre-ride/race rituals or superstitions?

Not really. Pinch the tires to quickly check pressure. I do spend more time than I'd like tracking down a glove or bottle before a ride.

Is there any cycling gear you refuse to ride without?

Lights. Knowing I have potent visibility day or night is reassuring during any ride.

Bike lanes or sharrows?

I change my opinion on these often. I think bike lanes, but only because I think drivers can see them easier and respect that space more so than they would a cyclist in a sharrow lane. On the otherhand, I think a cyclist riding in traffic is more noticeable to drivers than he would be in a bike lane. I've seen a few more close calls riding on sharrows than lanes. Maybe if sharrows were made to be more obvious to drivers?

How many lumens is your headlight?


Do you have any other interesting facts to share about yourself?

I know a lot about bicycles but I also love games, cartoons, and movies. We go to the Texas Pinball Festival every year in Frisco.

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