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Keep the communication open

Keep the communication open. Sometimes this can be treated like a mantra just for marriages or sports teams. But it can be immediately important on group bike rides because it can keep us safe from cars at intersections and minimize confusion that could lead to a bike crash. Not just fast road bike rides but any ride with more than one cyclist. Even a pair of riders can benefit from keeping the communication lines open. It helps people feel confident about their role on rides by giving everyone a genuinely useful and necessary task even amongst more experienced riders. Here is a less than exhausted list of things you should ALWAYS say to your fellow cyclists while riding. 

Tip: if there’s more than two people on the ride, it helps to repeat or “echo” something when you hear it, so everything gets said twice. And remember you can’t say it too loud or too proud!

Right – to make a right turn

Left – to make a left turn

Car up – when there is a car coming the opposite direction

Car back – when there is a car coming up from behind

Slowing – when braking

Straight – to go straight through an intersection

Clear – when it is safe to go through an intersection

Stopping – when coming to a complete stop

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