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Meet Our Mechanics - Carl

How long have you lived in Denton?

12 years

How many bikes do you own?

Hard to put an exact number to it. Bike is kind of a subjective term. Do frames count? Do they need wheels? How “built” does a “bike” have to be?

Do you have a favorite tool?

My park tool multi-allen set. The big size one with the 8 and 10mm on it. I think it’s AWS-11 or something like that. I also insist on my own personal philips screw driver because it’s the smaller guage that fits perfectly into the screws on derailleurs and stuff

What is your preferred tire size to fix a flat on?

700c all day, everyday. I think I’ve just changed more of those than anything else

What is your favorite kind of riding?

Road riding for sure. That’s the only riding I really do. But I also ride my bmx bike sometimes, and I love watching cyclocross races.

Do you have any pre-ride/race rituals or superstitions?

I air up my tires before every ride, even if I rode earlier in the day.

Is there any cycling gear you refuse to ride without?

Full length socks. I hate riding in ankle socks!

Bike lanes or sharrows?

Bike lanes are the worst! How am I supposed to expect 3 feet when I’m shoved into a gutter. Like a sharrow through my heart: I love using the full lane!

How many lumens is your headlight?


Do you have any other interesting facts to share about yourself?

I speak French and Spanish... Oh and


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